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Sublime Knowledge was founded by Alia Yasmin Khan in 2022. Through Alia's personal challenges and growth this company was born with compassion for everyone who may be overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Alia specialize in setting your mind up for success using targeted methods in the Intuitive Ascending Mind Program. This program focuses on opening up your awareness and guiding you through the path of personal growth and development. "Make everyday your greatest day ever!" Learn more about the founder

Meet Our Coaching Partner

Violet H. M, Director of Unique Journey Life Coach, is a beacon of positivity and transformation. Through her pioneering Positive Mindset Coaching, she empowers individuals to transcend limitations, embrace challenges, and unlock their full potential, recognizing that everyone is loaded with unique experiences. With Violet's guidance, clients discover the power of optimism, resilience, and self-belief, paving the way for a life filled with joy, success, and limitless possibilities. Moreover, Violet and her team serve as beacons of Hope and Inspiration to Newcomers Worldwide, including Refugees, Asylees, and Immigrants, providing relatable support and winning strategies for success. Learn more about about her by visiting


Create a Blueprint for Your Life

The Intuitive Ascending Mind Program was created as a tool to open up one's awareness, to gain insight to who we are as individuals, and unlock the key to rewriting any mental programs that are not serving us.

Everyone has their own life's purpose, and path to walk in life. Let us help you in incremental goal achieving so that you may satisfy that purpose and take your life to that next level.


Committed to Sharing Knowledge with Others

After simplifying the information so it is as easy to use as possible, we hope to share our Intuitive Ascending Mind Program with the world. This is powerful knowledge that is based on truth.

Attend a Seminar

Join other like-minded individuals in starting your journey toward self-improvement. With the guidance of our coaches and Sublime Knowledge alumni, you will find inspiration and support. Learn more about what our program offers today.