Learn to Open Your Heart to More Meaningful Relationships

At Sublime Knowledge, we work closely with our clients help them express the love in their hearts. Through self love and acceptance, you are able to achieve more successful relationships with your loved ones and partners. Read more about the three phases of love.


Spiritual Love

We believe that spiritual love is the way the universe loves and cares for you. It is your natural compassion and your innate desire to give and receive love continuously.

Examples of this love are evident when we see a baby, a young child, and even a pet. We find ourselves drawn to the purity and innocence that is before us. This love is intrinsic, like the beating of our hearts this spiritual love keeps us alive.

This spiritual love is omnipresent and always surrounds us in everything we do. It is so important to always show gratitude for it so that we can expand our capacity to give and receive spiritual love.


Mental Love

These behaviors are developed in childhood and are usually never adjusted as we grow simply because we are unaware of our minds and the “programs” we are running. Mental love occurs when we clean these toxic thoughts from our minds.

We become aware of what isn’t serving us and we commit to making a change. Our coaches can help you make the change to loving your mind so that toxic thoughts will not take root.


Physical Love

In physical love, this is the love we have for our physical body when we look in the mirror. Some days we love the image looking back and some days we are so critical and unkind to that image.

We only want to change that which was created to be perfect. To see your physical self in a healthy, non-egotistical way, you must learn to fall in love with yourself from within.


Connect With Our Coaches

When building loving relationships with yourself or others becomes a challenge, you can turn to our compassionate coaches for help. For more information regarding our coaching services, speak with our team today.