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This confidential one-on-one session allows you and your coach to set the desired goal and build an action plan toward achieving that goal. You will feel supported for success with clear direction on how to begin reprogramming your mind. Together you and your coach will build a blueprint that will yield results.

4 reviews for Mindset Coaching

  1. Dee

    Mind set coaching helped me to become more aware of my negative thoughts allowing me to shift to a positive state of mind. Every day I feel happier and energized.

  2. Mary S.

    Today’s Seminar helped me to understand how to deal with stress and grief.
    I’m so grateful I attended.
    Thank You Alia.

  3. Jean Carmichael

    The affirmations are uniquely worded and the workbook & events leave you energized! Alia has a special gift and breaks down things in a simple way. That is the key to her magic!! Thanks Alia. Jean Carmichael

  4. Ashleigh Johnson

    I started with the intuitive ascending mind program while I was sitting, full of anxiety, praying for an answer to my lack of confidence.
    At the time I felt like every day was a lifetime of struggle. I constantly judged myself. I would sweat when anyone would look at me.
    Interviews were like some SNL comedy skit. I would drip sweat on the table and I had interviewers ask me on multiple occasions if I needed help, or had a drug or drinking problem.

    I did need help.
    I tried therapy for many years and the SNL skit was the end result.

    Months after finding the intuitive ascending mind program, I was having unbelievably different experiences.
    I couldn’t decide which job offer to pick from!
    In fact, I decided to start my own business!! (something I had often wished for but told myself it would never happen, because I was a pathetic mess…)
    I hate to say that, because those types of thoughts and words are unacceptable to me today. It really is painful to think of the way I spoke to myself.

    A few months after doing the program I opened my own business!!!
    Today, I have a thriving business, with wonderful clients!!

    I also began coaching sessions and attending seminars to make sure I was on the right path and gaining momentum.

    With each step I take, a new step and goal appears before me..
    The world looks and feels like a different place.

    Every person deserves to feel this way, and see these possibilities.

    I feel like I’m in a feel good movie, living my dream.

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