Upcoming Seminars in Phoenix AZ

"I AM" Program Seminar
This seminar is an introduction to our Mindset Coaching program. Recommended for individuals who are curious about Mindset Coaching but aren't sure how it can benefit their lives. In this seminar we lay the foundation for being successful.


Money Mindset Seminar
This is for individuals who are looking to understand money on a deeper level. How to vibrationally align with money, how to earn money and how to train your mind for financial freedom.


Affirmation Workshop
This event is for individuals who are looking to understand how to target specific areas of their lives using affirmations. This workshop is specific to your mental blocks, helping you to overcome old negative beliefs, stepping into a more confident you.


Love Mindset Seminar
This seminar is for individuals who are working on themselves on a deeper level. Uncovering the truth about who we are and why we may be encountering challenges in our relationships with others. This seminar will build love internally so that your love can pour abundantly into the lives of others.


Succeeding in Business Seminar
This event maps the mind allowing business owners and managers to expand their awareness. Learn techniques on how they can scale their business through changing their mindset. We'll teach you easy ways to create bigger goals, self-discipline, and focus, while reducing stress and anxiety at the same time. (We highly recommend doing the "I AM" Program seminar before scheduling this seminar)


Mindful Awareness Seminar
This event promotes overall wellbeing through learning techniques to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. The dualistic nature of the mind is explained, and you will have a deeper understanding of why you think the way you do. We will also explore what to do if those thoughts aren't in alignment with your goals.


Goal Achievement Workshop
This event focuses on life holistically. What are your goals in Love, Health and Wealth? Creating beneficial goals in every area of your life helps to keep you inspired and motivated. Changes are inevitable; however, goal setting gives us a clear direction to work towards. When we make strides towards achieving our goals an amazing feeling of accomplishment and happiness washes over us.

To purchase tickets for an upcoming seminar

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