Mental Duality (Disabling vs Enabling Questions)

Life events happen and they have a profound impact on us when they are negative. Below are a few scenarios that you may have encountered, along with the Disabling Questions that you may unconsciously ask yourself. You will also find Enabling Questions that you can consciously choose to ask yourself instead. This mental shift will help speed up your personal growth.

Scenario: You find yourself in the same situation over and over again, sometimes with the same person, sometimes with a different person.

Disabling Question: Why does this always happen to me?

Enabling Question: What patterns are repeating in my life and why?

Scenario: You’re experiencing a bad day and things just seem to be spiraling downward.

Disabling Question: What else can go wrong?

Enabling Question: How much better can it get? (Try to ask this question at the first sign of things going wrong)

Scenario: You say something out of context or hurtful and now you feel guilty.

Disabling Question: Why am I like this?

Enabling Question: What did I develop a habit of saying (that is not positive) and how can I break this habit?

Scenario: Life didn’t go the way you want it to and someone or something is responsible.

Disabling Question: What did I do to deserve this?

Enabling Question: What can I learn from this person or this situation?

Scenario: You did something that you’re not proud of and you feel some regret.

Disabling Question: Why did I do that? What’s wrong with me?

Enabling Question: What behaviors do I need to change?

As you engage with more Enabling Questions you will start to observe areas that you need to work on and be able to create the right affirmations to help you self-correct. Asking the Enabling Questions also causes your brain to go to work looking for the answers from a deeper level (subconsciously). Consequentially, asking the right questions yields more long-term positive results.

-Article written by Alia Yasmin Khan (founder)

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