Attention to Intention

In our daily lives, routines are systematic behaviors that we adopt. The average individual will step out into their day not knowing what will happen next. This results in the day happening to them, rather than them influencing their day.

This is an invitation to bring your attention to intention throughout your day. Starting with the moment you wake up, tell yourself something exciting, “Today is going to be the greatest day ever!” Set the intentions that your roads are “free and clear” if you wish to avoid sitting in traffic. Set the intention that your day will evolve with ease and grace.

Use intentions before taking on a new project. Before approaching any task, situation, or problem take a moment to create a positive intention that will make the challenges that could be difficult go much smoother. After practicing this technique a few times, you will begin to notice positive changes in your daily routines. As a result life becomes much easier because it is happening on your terms.

-Article written by Alia Yasmin Khan (founder)

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