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The Ego and the Intellect

The Ego is the "I" that you identify with. The "I" that is the label...
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Attention to Intention

In our daily lives, routines are systematic behaviors that we adopt. The average individual will...
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Albert Einstein said, "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a...
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There are two areas to explore when it comes to awareness, objective awareness and subjective...
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Affirmations and Gratitude

Two important keys to success are affirmations and gratitude. An affirmation is a declaration over...
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The Journey of the Mind

Our mind started with absolute innocence, purity, and clarity. After conception occurred at approximately 24...
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A deeper understanding of consciousness allows us to attain our highest potential. Conscious: to be...
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Mental Faculties

Let's explore our mental faculties, perception, reasoning, will, intuition, memory and imagination. Perception: The observer’s...

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