There are two areas to explore when it comes to awareness, objective awareness and subjective awareness.

Objective Awareness is when you look at the world around you. It is associated with observing the current situations that you encounter and making decisions and adjustments to deal with what is happening in present time. For example, you will look before you sit, you will check your side mirrors before you change lanes, if it is dark, you will turn the lights on so that you can see clearly. To make changes in your life, objective awareness is how you will take inventory of the areas that you wish to change.

Subjective Awareness is the awareness of your subjective mind also known as your subconscious. Your subconscious holds your thoughts and feelings which create your emotions. When you expand your awareness of your thoughts and feelings, it is the first step to understanding why you encounter certain experiences in present time. The second step is to study your emotions, because it is the key to creating long lasting change in your life. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions must be in alignment with your end goal.

Objective awareness occurs in physical reality.

Subjective awareness is the non-physical, mental side of you.

True awareness comes from getting to know your mind and guiding it intelligently to serve your success in life.

-Article written by Alia Yasmin Khan (founder)

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