The Ego and the Intellect

The Ego is the “I” that you identify with. The “I” that is the label that you give yourself in life. In most cases the “I” that someone else labeled you with and you started to identify with. In simple terms the ego is your identity. This ego identity has many facets, like our personality, self-worth, self-esteem, attitude, self-confidence, and self-image to list a few.

Examples of the Ego are:

I am (name)

I am (ethnicity)

I am (religion)

I am (smart, stupid, ambitious, lazy)

I am (race)

I am (profession)

I am (better than you because…)

I am (not worthy because…)

and the list of “I am” goes on and on…

The ego is important to understand because it never goes away. It is you. Ego cravings are very important to recognize because the ego can become obsessed in unhealthy addictions.

Examples of the Ego cravings are:

I want more (attention)

I want more (attractiveness)

I want more (money)

I want more (appreciation)

I want more (spirituality)

I want more (food, drugs, alcohol, sex) and this list goes on and on…

Addictions give a false sense of identification to the Ego.

The ego knows it all, yet it is scared at the same time. It creates a false illusion of life to show the world, yet it struggles internally. The ego is competitive and view itself as separate from the world and therefore has to compete with the world. It creates biases that blocks it from seeing the truth. This is a false narrative because cooperation is where true success comes from. The ego screams when others try to control it, but the ego doesn’t understand that the intellect is where the true control lies.

The truth is that the ego is nothing other than the label you give to it. How do you wish to be identified?

The Intellect chooses. The intellect chooses knowledge and then applies that knowledge into life. Always being a student of life is the only way for the intellect to continuously grow. Learning universal laws and how to apply them into your life is also very important ways to help the intellect to make better choices.

Examples of applying intellect to Karmic Laws of the Universe:

The intellect chooses to give more love in order to receive love.

The intellect chooses to give more forgiveness in order to receive forgiveness.

The intellect chooses to give more money in order to receive money.

The intellect chooses to share knowledge in order to receive knowledge.

The intellect chooses good obsessions to help you grow and expand your life.

The intellect chooses to manage the ego in order to succeed in life. This is so important because all of the ego’s labels that misrepresent you in life can be adjusted using the intellect. Take control of your life today by choosing your path. Write the affirmations that are necessary to adjust the egoic labels and identity that does not represent you. Using the writing techniques, you can build a whole new personality and attitude, one that is in alignment with success.

-Article written by Alia Yasmin Khan (founder)

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